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Solar Water Heater Supplement

DIY heater solar solar water heater water

We here at Clean Republic are proponents of doing whatever you want. We want our customers to have the materials necessary to create DIY solar water heaters. Of course, doing whatever you want can be overwhelming, so we're going to help you out a little bit. 

How big of a water storage tank do I need? 

This is a common question we're asked when customers want to purchase a Heat Streamer Solar Water Heater Kit. For larger projects, we recommend 30-50 gallon water storage tanks like those pictured to the right. Smaller projects can use anywhere from 10-30 gallon tanks: all of which are available at Home Depot for under 100$. 

Simply connect the solar water panel pump to your solar panel, submerge the pump in the water, connect the Heat Streamer to the storage tank, and you're ready to go. 

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