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Can our Solar Water Heater Heat Your Pool?

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We have heard this question often from our customers: "Can your solar water heater heat my pool?" The short answer is yes it can, and there are a few things you should think of before purchasing: 

  • How many gallons does the solar hot water heater need to heat?
  • How hot must the water get? 
  • How quickly must the water heat?

One solar water heater kit heats 5 gallons of water from 68 F to 122 F in four hours whilst in direct sunlight. Most often, people are interested in heating tubs that are 500 gallons (average size of a hot tub) and over, so additional solar water heater kits are beneficial to your project. We've concocted a simple equation to help you when you're making your purchase. 

How many solar water heater kits do I need to heat a pool 10 F in eight hours? 

  • 500 Gallons--the average hot tub size: 10 kits
  • 5,000 Gallons--small pool, backyard pool, etc: 100 kits
  • 10,000 Gallons--no-dive pool, large pool: 200 kits

These numbers will vary depending on how much direct sunlight the kit is in. Go ahead and get started with your system today, we're excited to see what you're making! 


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