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It's Chilly: Temperature Extremes and Solar Water Heater

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Now that the holiday season is arriving, solar water heaters are being put to use in your home (or if they aren't, see what the solar water heater can do for you). If you live in an area that's known for extreme temperatures, chances are it's pretty cold and snowy around this time. But how cold can the tubes get before they break?

Because the tubes can hold a temperature of up to 100F overnight, it is unlikely that they will freeze. However, the aluminum fins inside have been known to crack and break if the tubes are not full of water (meaning no heat can flow through). Though there is not substantiated evidence from our customers, we recommend not leaving the bare tubes (bare meaning not filled with water) out below 20F. If there is heated water in the tubes, they will most likely be fine. We are currently doing more research on the freezing point of the tubes, and will update our customers. 

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