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What Does Photovoltaic Mean?

Our solar water heater kit includes a photovoltaic solar panel. But, what does photovoltaic even mean? Great question! Photovoltaic (PV) means electricity from the energy of the sun. It is derived from the words "photo" meaning light and "voltaic" meaning voltage. The term "photovoltaic" is used to describe a process known as the "photovoltaic effect" which is when a given material converts infrared sunlight into electricity. The primary difference between our solar evacuated tubes and a photovoltaic solar water heating system is that our tubes use infrared energy from the sun's rays without any use of electricity. Our 20W Photovoltaic Solar Panel is used to power our 12V solar water pump. A simple way to explain our tubes is using the metaphor of a thermos. 

The reason a thermos works so well is that the heat is trapped inside the chamber that is surrounded by a vacuum, which heat cannot pass through easily, and capped at the top. The heat from the vacuum will keep warm for hours, and your coffee will remain piping hot even in the dead of winter. Similarly, one solar evacuated tube will trap heat for a long period of time. 

What makes the heat streamer solar water heater unique is that it's a passive collector system and a photovoltaic system: a hybrid of both. So buy your solar water heater kit today!

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