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Ten Solar Vacuum Tubes


Excellent for solar water heating systems and DIY projects. Boil water using only sunlight! 1 tube can raise 1 liter of water from 60'F (15'C) to 212'F (100'C) in one hour of direct sunlight. Use this box of 10 tubes for your own science or hobby projects, or for building your own powerful solar-powered home heating systems. 


  • Box of Ten (10) Solar Vacuum (evacuated) tubes.
  • No other parts are included. 
  • 20 1/2" long (about 500mm)
  • 2 1/4" outside diameter (about 58mm) 
  • 1 3/4" inside diameter (about 43mm)
  • Double wall structure with vacuum between walls
  • Super-absorbent inner tube coating quickly soaks up solar energy
  • Steel, aluminum, and copper coatings for infrared reflective insulation
  • Incredible thermos-like properties can keep water hot even over night

Finally you have a reliable U.S. source for high-grade solar vacuum tubes, also known as solar evacuated tubes. Unlike many solar vacuum tube suppliers we offer a standard 100% shipping protection guarantee. Make sure other vacuum tube suppliers you are considering offer this type of no-questions guarantee for these fragile evacuated tubes. We offer excellent customer service for any assistance you many need for your solar hot water system needs, and stand firmly behind the quality of all our products.

Each solar evacuated tube soaks up the energy in sunlight, absorbing it into the super-insulated inner tube of their incredible double-wall heating system. Once inside, the heat of the sunlight is trapped inside the inner wall of the inner glass tube, creating a powerful solar thermal collector. Highly-reflective layers of steel, aluminum, and copper trap the infra-red energy of the sunlight, and the nearly perfect vacuum between the inner wall and the outer transparent wall protect the inner tube from heat loss due to convection, just like a high-grade drink thermos. This thermos effect can quickly heat water to boiling temperatures in direct sunlight, and keep the water well over 100 degrees, even over night! Perfect for you DIY, home improvement, solar hot water heater.

 Clean Republic - They mean what they say

OK! I haven't had time to fully evaluate them yet but here's what I can say so far. First off the guarantee that they will replace tubes broken in shipment isn't just hype. I had 5 tubes broken in shipment and e-mailed that information along with pictures of the broken tubes and within two days the replacement tubes where on their way no questions asked. Replacements got here with none broken.

Now a brief synopsis of the tubes them selves. They will probably work for what they were intended to do very well, Of course I'm trying something different then their original intent and as of yet haven't been able to get it working,..... but it's early yet. After about an hour in the hot Florida sun the internal temperature of a dry tube exceeded 275 degrees Fahrenheit 6 inches inside the tube, (my probe isn't any longer) and the outside temperature was under 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Now a tube full of water mounted next to it obtained an internal temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit 6” inside the tube with an external temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Mounted next to this tube was a tube I filled full of cotton balls and water it obtained an internal temperature of 217 degrees with an outside temp of just over 85 degrees. The air temperature during my test was around 87 degrees Fahrenheit. That's all the testing I've done so far. But as you can see they will heat up water enough to poor over your “Ramen Noodles” LOL.

Replacement guarantee
Very thermo efficient

Very fragile, (but if mounted properly will hold up about as well as a champagne glass in the same situation)

 Fantastic Product, Great company!

These tubes are great for a number of projects concerning thermal energy, and Clean Republic has priced them well
for the home experimenter. They're not kidding when they say they can get them to you safely.
Look them up on You Tube "Clean Republic" where they demonstrate a few uses for these fantastic solar evacuated tubes.
Solid construction, excellent packaging, and they work!

-Clinton W Ford

 Great tubes boils water 15 min if you build collector, BATCH WATER HEATER IDEA!

I got these and took them out to see if they would work and they do, I had 20 oz of water roaring boil in under an hour. If you are in a smokeless camp this is huge especially if you want to avoid detection in a stealth camping mode. I came up with an idea that I have yet to try. What you do is take a tote then use a mylar blanket (Emergency blanket) you line the tote with the blanket then you add your water. If done right the water should heat rather rapidly this would be a batch water heater for something like 5 gallons. See first I tried to silidone the tube to the outside of a 5 gallon bucket that did not work so well just leaked no support for the tube and hardly transportable. Gave up I need to be able to transport. This idea I have now would allow you to pack your tubes in the safe case they came in and you can set the tubes in the water have the tube just do its thing and it should heat the water this way it might have stratification issues but I think in 2 hours 5 gallons should be so hot you might have to change to a metal pan. IDK I have not need for it right now so it is not much a priority to do this. If you were camping and water was a valuable commodity IE as expensive as fuel because you used fuel to go get it? Then you would want to make your water count and washing clothes hot water is the best. I would build a filter out of some PVC,ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (fish section $6 WMT) and some Sand. Use a paper filter too you want to do this as a progression so you can wash your clothes wash your water and this way you can stay on site for your 14 day camping permit time.