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About us

We design, distribute and retail personal alternative energy products including electric bike conversion kits and solar water heating components. Meet our team


  • We travel internationally to meet with producers and engineers to find the best motors, batteries, and electronics.
  • Our competitors buy low-quality, low-volume, high-markup kits from other middlemen on, passing the cost and technical problems on to you.
  • Our kits are assembled and quality checked in the USA with other locally manufactured components.


Americans understand that changes to their daily lifestyles are underway due to rising energy costs and pollution. Clean Republic's product line empowers customers to take advantage of these changes and benefit from them in the following ways:

  • Increase gas and car savings by converting your bicycle to electric power.
  • Increase heating and fuel savings with our low-cost, powerful solar water heating components.
  • Reduce pollution and needless consumption by driving less, and using a good bike they already own.

High cost technology is not always necessary to solve modern problems and improve the financial savings and productivity of your personal life. For example, America already had a fully-developed and distributed wind power network over 100 years ago which enabled water pump networks to feed the massive steam train systems that built the foundation of this country. Long before our oil addiction, U.S. homeowners used small scale wind to light and power home offices with radios for news, communication and entertainment.

Another elegant example, the bicycle, is of even "lower" technology, heralding from even farther back. Hundreds of millions of bicycles are used all over the planet, where refined gasoline is $4.00 US per gallon or more, as an alternative when the use of an expensive car is not necessary.

Combining modern technology with simple, time-tested solutions can increase your personal cash flow, health, and make your lifestyle more sustainable overall.

This is not an idealistic crusade to "save" the world. Ideals need practical implementation. Our mission is to use modern engineering to optimize these proven ideas, empowering you to conserve money and energy simultaneously, all without sacrificing your enjoyment of life.