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Don't Buy A Tiny House, Until You Have a Solar Water Heater

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Solar power is not exactly new to the green energy market, but we're definitely entering a brand new era of solar accessibility. From solar battery chargers to solar water heaters, things are looking up for the industry not just for profitability, but for the environment and self-sufficiency. One of the ways this presents itself is by downsizing on material things [clothes, selling a car, etc] but what about your actual living space? The tiny house movement was created to reduce the space a person takes up materially and environmentally [some as small as 80 sq ft], thereby living more simply in the world. In 2005, "Katrina Houses" were built as a quick and more pleasant solution to house those who had been displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and to curb homelessness in recent years. Since it takes up so little space, one of the easiest ways to heat water in a tiny house is with a solar water heater. This is where the Heat Streamer comes in! 

Try hooking up your Heat Streamer to a propane water heater! It requires no energy to run, and very little maintenance. It works even in the winter! Here's an idea of how to set one up below: 


"Installing a supplemental solar [water] heater is no different that installing one where there is no gas [water] heater. In a nutshell, you will install a 3-way valve on the return line after the gas heater, and run a pipe to the solar panels. A second pipe will carry water back from the solar panels, and connect into the return line. A one way check valve is used to prevent water cycling. It is cheaper and faster if you can locate the solar panels on a roof or rack directly overhead of the pool equipment, but if needed, you can run pipes to solar panels located elsewhere." - Alex Malamos, InTheSwim Staff Blogger

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